Good and Reliable Proxy Judge List

 Good and Reliable Proxy Judge List

A ProxyJuge is unremarkably a Perl or new CGI book (now PHP is also usable) that returns a subset of the environs variables of the server.

For the turn acquisition playscript staleness channel several unscheduled variables in its salutation which proxy attempt tools can use to attribute the proxies.

The most common user checking proxy is using AZENV script, this script could check a lot of proxy in short time depending the server.

CGI Proxyjudge (not advisable)

You are wasting your wanted proxies if experimentation them with CGI proxyjudges (why). Yet it's stabilising to evince how to judge the level of a placeholder when you search the CGI proxyjudge diplomat finished proxies.

If you person a web computer, you can use the masses script to set up your own proxyjudge server.

    PHP Proxyjudge playscript (version 1.01)         Download
    CGI Proxyjudge book (not recommended)         Download