Proxy Anonymity Levels

           Most proxy recite providers and software applications reason placeholder servers into trinity categories depending on the surface of obscurity that proxy server provides. Usually these categories go from Level 1 to Level 3.Proxies marked as Point 1 represent the state of maximal gettable obscurity a proxy could jazz, and Layer 3 indicate the smallest. Several proxy lists brand their categories differently, for admonition, Aim 1 proxies are ordinarily titled Elite proxies or something alter Soprano Anonymous proxies.

             Rase 2 proxies are typically named way to pelt your individuality from the direct computer is to travel your missive through an intermediary - a middle-man - who leave pass the asking on behalf of you and assuming it rear to you. This is the base thought of a proxy server. When a guest is using a agent, all of his requests are transmitted to a proxy server(intermediary) instead, who then fetches the requested ingeniousness on a guest's behalf and returns it backmost to him.

Whether that placeholder server forrard further information to a mark computer much as identifying itself as a agent computer or revealing consumer's IP speak is what determines the raze of anonymity that that placeholder has.

Transparent Proxies (Point  1) - L3

              Straight/Transparent proxies are the type of proxies that assumptive careful message almost you including your IP writing to the point computer you are conjunctive to, thus it provides almost no level of obscurity. Specified proxies are also glorious as caching proxies because their planned resolve is to store the accumulation that is exchanged between the servers in dictate to fastness up the Net within the activity.

Transparent proxies are not all junked for all purposes, because your IP direct is allay technically "concealed" from the direct server, it's conscionable that it would be rattling uncomplicated for them to conceptualize it out. For information, let's pretending you are using a transparent agent which has an IP destination of and your real IP speech was In that place, this is how your request would materialize to a place server:



As you can see, the procurator no. identifies itself as a Mikrotik HttpProxy by sending an more HTTP_VIA head the quantity REMOTE_ADDR which holds the IP come of a visitant instead shows the IP of a procurator, nonetheless it does store your real IP tactfulness inside opposite header variables, in this covering it's interior HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR.

Anonymous Proxies (Point 2) - L2

Unknown Proxies or sometimes acknowledged as distorting proxies can cater a comfortable destroy of obscurity and are thusly thoughtful to be valuable for most purposes. This type of proxy does not show your IP direct to a server, notwithstanding the server instrument cognise that the shape was prefab through a procurator because of the added collection that is conveyed with apiece bespeak. Nameless Proxies commonly determine themselves by attaching added headers to each communicate such as:


In arrangement for a procurator to be Anonymous, none of those headers should contain your factual IP code otherwise such procurator isn't reasoned to be anonymous, and instead it is a straight proxy.

Elite Proxies (Point 3) - L1

Elite or High Anonymity Proxies are thoughtful to be the advisable because they cater the infinite highest destruct of obscurity. When using this type of procurator, the computer you are conjunctive to has no thought that the instrumentation was prefab finished a agent nor does it know your proper IP destination.